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The special relationship of Zsófia Pirók with flamenco can be traced back to her mother Andrea Lippai, who got to know this genre in 1991. At that time flamenco had not existed in Hungary, but Zsófi, thanks to her mother, had an exceptional chance to experience the rhythm and songs of flamenco at an early age.

As a young artist, in 2004 she became the member and performer of the FlamenCorazonArte Thetrical Dance Company whose founder is Andrea Lippai, and in 2008 she received the soloist and assistant choreographer positions. At the age of nineteen, she was admitted to the third year of Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Sevilla, where she obtained a Dance Artist Degree – being the first graduate there from abroad.

Over her four-year long studies in Andalusia she had numerous performances in various flamenco clubs, cultural centres and theatres of Sevilla. She choreographed the show of the year’s closing gala in 2011 in cooperation with the Netz Dance Production, then in 2012 she was invited to the University of Warsaw where they celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Iberian Department.

Her first self-choreographed performance the Colores de Mujer (The Colours of a Woman) was put on stage in Sevilla on the occasion of International Women’s Day (8. March 2013) and the chorography was refreshed in Hungary at the IX. Hungarian Dance Festival.

She won the Fülöp Viktor Dance Artist Scholarship in 2014 in the Visual Arts category, and she used this support to create a full-length solo piece, Suspiros – Sighs, in coproduction, whose premiere was held in the National Dance Theatre. After the premiere the performance was invited to the flamenco festival of Madrid (Flamencos y Otras Aves) – where it was the sole dance production. Furthermore, the choreography met with great acclaim in 2015 and 2016 as well, on a Hungarian and on an international tour, respectively. In 2016 the Hungarian Dance Association awarded her with the ‘Award for the best young female dancer of the season’, in 2019 the ‘Award for the best female dancer of the season’  on the International Dance Day. In 2019 Zsófia fas honoured to receive the Fülöp Viktor Dance Artistic Scholarship.


Fifth Sally


Suspiros – Sighs

Flamenco Dance Melodies

Further videos

Suspiros – Sighs
Coproduction of Hungarian and Spanish flamenco dancers and musicians – in relation to Eastern Philosophy

Flamenco con Amor
Authentic flamenco performance

Dance Melodies
The coproduction of Zsófia Pirók and the Melodica Project, guest artist: Andrea Lippai

If Sally Would Dance
Modern flamenco dance based on the novel of Daniel Keyes “The Fifth Sally”


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