My name is Zoltán Sándor, I am the founding owner of the Art–Management Agency. Since I worked as a dance artist, I gained experience in the field of art and was able to apply my knowledge as an assistant director and as a project, production, and tour manager. Over the years, I have begun thinking about launching my own concert and art agency and production company.


Since I come from the beautiful but tough world of performing art, I believe that I can understand, comprehend, and feel for the problems of my current and future clients.


Internationalism is important for me. During my active years, I made many contacts in the European and Oriental regions and established a web of connections across the continents. I will also make use of these in the interest of my clients.


I would like to provide a stable background for my clients, whether it comes to dancers, musicians, singers, actors, choreographers, ensembles, or individual projects. Those who choose my agency will be granted full service: from booking through image building, advocacy, and financial administration, to website management and public communication.


Teamwork is just as crucial for me as the individual, since we are only capable of realizing our full potential together, at the same time gaining real community experiences through our work. I wish to establish the success and popularity of my clients with employing competent people in the right place at the right time.

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