dancer / master / choreographer

Lóránd was born  in 1969 in Budapest, Hungary. He studied at the Talentum  Hungarian Music and Folkdance Academy. He danced at the Budapest Dance Company (folkdance),  at the Rock Theater, at the Budapest Ballet and at the Theater ‚Víg‘, he was dancer at Madách Theater, Budapest Dance Theater, Ballet Pécs and became dancer at Djazz-ex and Danceworks Rotterdam. Nowadays he is still dancing, but before of all teaching, giving workshops and creating choreographies in his unique style all over the world, with big successes. He is domestic choreographer of Budapest Dance Theatre and resident teacher at Codarts Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He was working together with outstanding masters and choreographers, such as Andrea Ladányi, Attila Egerházi, Gábor Bakó, Gyula Berger, Béla Földi, Pál Frenák, József Gajdos, István Herczog, Tamás Juronics, György Krámer, Éva Matetics, Iván Markó, Tibor Somogyi, Béla Szirmai, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Bruno Listopad, Dana Caspersen, Doug Elkins, Glenn van der Hoff, Neel Verdoorn, Phillip Adams, Rafael Bonachella, Raza Hammadi, Sana van der Putt, Sean Curran,Ton Simmons Tom Stuart, Vassilij Sullich, Sean Curran, Randall Scott, Thomas Noone, etc. A few from his wide range of his choreographies: Microcosmos (Ballet Debrecen, Hungary), Transit (Danceworks Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Unreachable Territories (Ballet Pécs, Hungary), Lightcach (Danceworks Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Spark (Danceworks Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Badora Dance Company, Hungary), Sec. (Budapest Dance Theatre, Hungary / Ballet Jazz Art Paris, France), Lisztomania, Complicated Balkan Wedding (Ballet Pécs, Hungary), Firebird-Stravinsky (Budapest Dance Theatre, Hungary), Aida-Verdi (Inversedance Company, Hungary), Waving floor (Ballet Pécs, Hungay), Shadows and Desires (Szeged Contemporary Dance Company), Translucent (Karma Dance Project, Paris, France). Lóránd is actually working on his BA degree at the Hungarian Dance University a dance coach/assistant.

Lóránd is guest modern (art-jazz) teacher among others at the Hungarian Dance Academy, Codarts Rotterdam, ZHdK Zürich University of the Arts, EADCN National Conservatory Dance School of Portugal, Henny Jurriëns Studio Amsterdam, Centro Formazione Aida Milano, NOD Nuova Officina della Danza Torino and Belgrade Dance Institute.

Lóránd’s work is constantly looking for the meaning behind the movements, sometimes in clear and simple way, sometimes with reaching complex extremities of the body. His experimenter thoughts are mingling with the mastered contemporary dance techniques, so thus his classes are very interesting and unique. He is using the maximum physical endowments on his unique, special body-language. The often used floor-technique on the classes seeks to experience the fluidity. Combinations and the partner-works on the workshops are characterized by the extremely isolated and self-conscious body-use.


Zachár Lóránd teacher, choreographer

Palermo in Danza Project 2016

Inversedance | Zoltan Fodor Company

Depo Workshop 2015

Shadows and Desires


Lorand Zachar Dancelaboratory


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